Connecting and Supporting Youth Making Change
in the Arctic

The Arctic Youth Network is a youth-founded and youth-led non-profit organization supporting a global network of youth through international cooperation and capacity-building. 


The Arctic Youth Network strives to organize young people around the Arctic and the world while providing them with the tools and experience they need to create change locally and internationally. 

Those tools come in many forms and will include opportunities to meet with governments and institutions making decisions regarding the Arctic, funding and mentorship for innovative youth-led projects, and useful connections to organizations, Arctic professionals, and other youth.

Youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow: they’re the leaders of today. 


Core Volunteers
Members and Growing!
Event(s) on the Horizon

Making Change
One Step at a Time

The AYN is a new organization led by a dynamic, international team. We are working hard to build our organizational capacity and to establish strategic partnerships to better serve our members and the Arctic community at large.

What is this all for? AYN members came together and determined barriers to action facing Arctic youth today

  • Lack of information
  • Lack of communication between Arctic regions
  • Physical and social Isolation
  • Lack of resources

The Network aims to confront these barriers.
The AYN's 2 Pillars outline how we carry out our commitment to supporting our members' vision and passion.


The AYN aims to connect youth across borders and cultures for meaningful collaboration and exchange. When youth work together, amazing things happen. We will provide:

  • A communications platform and database connecting youth and mentors from around the world, enabling access to people with specific skills and experiences
  • A space for the network and its partners to draw on for ideas and collaborators
  • Opportunities for in-person events, conferences, and summits
  • Access to funding and project development strategies and resources to support members’ own projects
  • At present, we connect and present opportunities through a Facebook group. The future brings aspirations to harness database infrastructure and program coordination to enable youth to make change their own way


Building youth capacity for leadership and effective action allows youth to make change their own way. With education and experience, they can harness what they learn and apply it to their own initiatives. We hope to:

  • Enable youth-led programming 
  • Help youth  develop holistic problem solving, teamwork, and project management skills
  • Provide basic information on Arctic issues in relation to culture, research, and policy
  • Generate basic toolkits and guidelines for working on/launching initiatives
  • Incorporating indigenous pedagogy and working collaboratively with local communities
  • Creating a database of ongoing projects and ways for youth to get involved

Taking action for our environment and our people

Striving towards diversity and inclusive spaces

Sharing and creating open collaborative spaces

Recognizing interwoven global impacts of Arctic actions

Taking steps to accelerate the future

We are still building the AYN from the inside out to best support youth needs and ideas.

We will be coming out with ways to join the network hub and databases soon, so keep up to date with the latest developments by following us on social media.

If you are interesting in getting involved in the AYN or partnering with us, please send us a message today.

Our deepest gratitude to our funders and supporters. The Arctic Youth Network could not be what it is today without your support.