Heidi Zilmer joined us for the September monthly AYWN session to present on the Sasana project. In this session, participants learned about Heidi’s work with young people in Greenland through Project Sanasa (meaning ‘let’s build something together’ in Greenlandic). Heidi provides mentorship and guidance to young people as they paint large, outdoor murals on structures in their communities. Her projects have brought community and mental wellbeing to the youth who have participated!

Check out the picture below of one of Project Sanasa’s amazing murals in Nanortalik! 🎨

We also participated in conversation around how this project could be translated into our own communities and how art can be an excellent tool for improving our mental health.

You can read more about Sanasa in this article, and watch a short video on the Murmal Qaqortoq for more information.

Heidi Zilmer (she/her) is a Danish and Greenlandic designer with multiple talents. She designs and manufactures luxury wallpapers, restores historical buildings, teaches and gives workshops. After completing her painters apprenticeship in house painting and decoration in 1998, Heidi worked as a painting teacher for 9 years, teaching theory, composition, and decoration at a technical college. Heidi continues to paint, design, create, and restore. See more of her work at www.zilmers.com.