The January 2022 AYWN monthly session featured Mamaaq (Linda Joule). During the session, Mamaaq generously shared her valuable knowledge with us about family life cycles, communicating and conflict resolution, and interpersonal problem solving. What an amazing session with some fantastic discussions! After the session, Mamaaq provided resources for the Members to reference/review. This linked document includes her notes on:

  • The Inupiaq Values
  • The Family Life Cycle
  • Resources for Effective Communication
  • Journey into the Inupiat World View

In the session, we also had a great discussion about the importance of names and different naming traditions across the Arctic. 

Together Youth can reawaken our Inuk Values in each other and strengthen home and community.


Mamaaq (she/her) is a respected Elder, grandmother of 12 and mother of 5, and lives with her husband of 47 years, Reggie Joule, in Qikiqtaġruk (Kotzebue), Alaska. She studied Rural Development at the University of Alaska (UAF), and received both her Bachelors and Masters degrees from UAF’s rural delivery program, which she helped to establish with other rural Alaskans. Mamaaq has also taught in Rural Development at Chukchi College. She has been teaching parenting classes based on Iñupiat cultural values and family systems in Northwest Alaska for 40 years. Mamaaq speaks about the role of youth in the family life cycle and Inuk values and shares techniques for effective communication and problem-solving in your own home and community.