— NEWS — The following is a collaboration Video and Web mentorship freelance with Aiden Kunnizzi of Inuvik, NT as well as Teresa Procee-Henry of Dawson, YT for Cabin Radio publication from April 27, 2023.

By Karli Zschogner and Aiden Kunnizzi

Governor General Mary Simon, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and a delegation of more than 50 people took a four-hour tour of Tuktoyaktuk on Wednesday.

At an evening gathering inside Tuk’s Kitti Hall, with residents waving German flags, Steinmeier said: “I want to assure you, we see your reality. We hear your voices, and we take your interest to heart.

“Your fight for protecting nature is of highest importance … and the projects you’re conducting here, together with German scientists, will help to step up international efforts to fight climate change.”….

Governor General Mary Simon and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier visiting Tuktoyaktuk, NT on the Arctic Ocean April 26 2023_credit_Teresa Procee-Henry


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About the Author: Aiden Kunnizzi

My name is Aiden Gaaniinzhii (Kunnizzi), born and raised in Nihtat (Inuuvik, NT) of the Gwich’in Settlement Region, Treaty 11 Territory. I am Dinjii Zhuh & Inuvialuk. I am passionate about journalism in context to decolonization, cultural preservation, and rejuvenation of core values and principles of my Gwich’in & Inuvialuit heritage. My background in media involves knowledge and skills in photography, graphic design, filming, video editing, social media, and podcasting. I’m currently learning Dinjii Zhuh Ginjik (Gwich’in Language), in the Vuntut dialect (Old Crow, Yukon), with intentions of preserving the language which is currently endangered and at risk of being permanently extinct. I intend on using my learned skills of journalism and media to enrich the values of indigenous movements such as decolonization, and cultural preservation. Aiden is currently in a paid journalism internship under the Arctic Youth Network’s The Exchange alongside Editorial Director Karli Zschogner under the funding of Northern Journalism Training Initiative-Journalists for Human Rights.

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