The AYN Webinar Series

Next session: Environmental Stewardship – January 28 16:00 GMT

Next session:
Stories through Photography and Filmmaking – December 28

AYN Webinar Series - Environmental Stweardship

This third session of the Arctic Youth Network Webinar Series will examine
how youth use photography and film-making to share Arctic voices with global audiences.

The session will showcase the work of creatives raising awareness for the changing Arctic through their media and inspiring Arctic youth to carve their own paths in storytelling. Stay tuned as we present our speakers!

Webinars are held over Zoom + livestreamed on Facebook.
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Webinar 1 – October 29th, 2020

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Youth in Arctic Governance

Webinar 2 – November 26th, 2020

Stories through Photography and Filmmaking

Webinar 3 – December 28th, 2020

The AYN Webinar Series is made possible by the generous support of Global Affairs Canada.

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