About the Author: Caeley McLean Genereux

Aanii! Boozhoo! Ozawa Giniw Kwe indizhinikaaz mkwa dodem Sheshegwaning indoonjibaa. My name is Caeley or Yellow Eagle Woman, I'm a bisexual two-spirit female who's Bear Clan from Sheshegwaning First Nation on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. I graduated in June 2022 with my Honours Bachelor of Science Specializing in Mental Health and Minoring in Sociology where I co-lead an Indigenous Student Association. I've been working at the Arctic Youth Network for over a year now but recently changed positions to Communications Officer. I'm working in my community as the interim Community Support Worker and as a co-founder/team lead of the Land First Youth Initiative. My biggest passion is reconnection to our emotions through art and culture and I strongly see the value in cultural exchanges across nations!