About the Author: Lulu Partridge-York

My name is Lulu Partridge-York. I was born & raised in Montréal, Canada but spent my childhood split between Vermont, US, Nunavik & Sápmi. My parents are artists from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, Canada & Guovdageaidnu/Kautokeino, Sápmi, Norway. My cross-cultural upbringing has cultivated my affinity for travelling, storytelling, and photography. I use writing to navigate my messy, evolving relationship to my Indigenous identity and personhood. I am passionate about the de-stigmatisation of mental illness and having open conversations around abuse and shame. I spent my childhood isolated in my experiences with abuse. I am reclaiming my life, my truth, and finding space to be unapologetically me; ending the cycle. I believe personal-growth contributes to healthy communities, and I hope to empower my communities through open conversation.