AYX is the Arctic Youth Network’s regional chapter system. These chapters provide a framework for connecting, empowering, and informing youth who are working together to drive Arctic change their way. 

  • The chapter system decentralizes the AYN and makes a greater impact in local communities around the globe
  • Each chapter provides youth with a framework to organize change and provides opportunities to initiate projects locally with global support
  • The structure facilitates a global-to-local relationship between AYN's global team of coordinators to support and be informed by local AYX chapters


AYX chapters will learn from and collaborate with other AYX chapters and AYN Global, allowing the whole community to grow together.

AYN Global provides guidance, support, and resources for chapters



AYX Chapters carry out regional work and support AYN’s global initiatives by advising how AYN Global is run

AYN activities are informed by AYX chapters through the AYN’s governance model. Each chapter elects a representative who will represent the chapter on the AYN Board of Directors, ensuring representation, collaboration, and a common vision for AYN Global. Members of the board then elect board roles among this group.


Learn about the AYX chapters operating today


Want to make an impact? Want to work with the Arctic Youth Network to enhance youth presence worldwide?

Your chapter will be responsible for…

  • Working collaboratively with AYN Global and regional chapters toward common goals and values through youth-led programming
  • Collecting local opportunities for youth leadership and skill development and sharing them with AYN Global members
  • Sharing regular updates on priorities and activities
  • Recruiting new members and ensuring members are actively engaged
  • Basic budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting if applicable
  • Making the change you want to see in your community!

More information about starting an AYX chapter can be found in the resources below

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Your role in AYX Chapters helps drive change

Between social media, professional networks, conferences and meetings, panelist opportunities, and so much more, AYX Chapters can access the Arctic Youth Network’s outlets to share local messages on a global platform. 

All AYX participants have access to Arctic Youth Network resources. By having local Chapter members to become part of network at large, all Chapters have the ability to network and connect with resources that may be required. Furthermore, the AYN Global team work to support you with whatever your needs may be.

The Arctic Youth Network has a coordinator available to address AYX Chapter needs. As part of the AYN Global team, this person is your point of contact for anything from starting your chapter to finding resources once you are established. 

The Arctic Youth Network is designed for local voices to guide the global mission. The AYX Chapter system is designed to encourage collaboration across borders and cultures.

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