Connecting and Supporting Youth Making Change
in the Arctic

The Arctic Youth Network is a youth-founded and youth-led non-profit organization supporting a global network of youth through international cooperation and capacity-building.

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Connecting and Supporting Youth Making Change
in the Arctic

The Arctic Youth Network is a youth-founded and youth-led non-profit organization supporting a global network of youth through international cooperation and capacity-building.

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The Arctic Youth Network strives to connect young people around the Arctic and the world, while providing them with the tools and experience they need to create change locally and internationally.

Youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow: they're the leaders of today.

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The AYN is led by a dynamic, international team. We are working hard to build our organizational capacity and to establish strategic partnerships to better serve our members and the Arctic community at large.
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What is this all for? AYN members came together and determined barriers to action facing Arctic youth today:

  • Lack of access to opportunities, resources, and information
  • Lack of communication and collaboration between Arctic regions
  • Physical and social Isolation


Learn how we carry out our commitment to supporting our members' vision and passion.


The AYN aims to connect youth across borders and cultures for meaningful collaboration and exchange. When youth work together, amazing things happen.

  • Communications platform: active social media network and dynamic website to facilitate sharing stories of members’ actions and encourage collaboration
  • Chapters: a framework to organize at a regional level and assist in initiating projects locally with global support.
  • The Exchange: in-house publishing platform for sharing content by youth, engaging over 25 writers and editors, with shareable publications tailored for the program’s diverse and wide-reaching partner organizations
  • Tailored assistance in youth-led project development and fundraising


Building youth capacity for leadership and effective action allows youth to make change their own way. With education and experience, they can harness what they learn and apply it to their own initiatives.

  • Opportunity aggregation: resources and programming shared with members by bringing together available opportunities from across the Arctic
  • Youth-involvement services for organizations and institutions: assistance for organizations in actively engaging and incorporating youth into their ongoing projects, advisory councils, networks, and events
  • Conference participation: funding the participation of youth at relevant conferences and developing youth panels or sessions as a component of these gatherings

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1002, 2020

UArctic Panel

By |February 10, 2020|Comments Off on UArctic Panel

What would you do if you were in charge?The Arctic Youth Network has partnered with the UArctic Congress to bring together a panel to participate in a plenary session on youth: how youth see the future of the Arctic, what they think should be done, and how they would do it were they in a position of power.The UArctic Congress brings together institutional leaders, Indigenous representatives, academics, scientists and students from around the Circumpolar North and beyond and will be held in Reykjavík, Iceland October 5-8, 2020. You can learn more about the UArctic Congress here.This will be a wonderful opportunity for Arctic youth to have their voices heard on the international stage. We thank the UArctic Congress for their openness and enthusiasm.

1002, 2020

GEA Youth Advisory Group

By |February 10, 2020|Comments Off on GEA Youth Advisory Group

The Arctic Youth Network is working with the Gender Equality in the Arctic project to develop a youth advisory group to inform the work of the Editorial committee and their development of a Arctic Gender Equality report.Gender Equality in the Arctic is a project of the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) with the Icelandic Arctic Council Chairmanship 2019-2021 and is "an international collaborative project focusing on gender equality in the Arctic dating back to 2013. The purpose and objective of the project is to raise visibility and understanding of the importance of gender-issues in the Arctic, to identify priorities and concrete strategies for increased diversity and gender balance in policy- and decision-making processes and to provide information to facilitate sustainable policy making for the future."The Arctic Youth Network will is recruiting a diverse group of youth to come together to consult on gender issues of priority for youth in the Arctic. We will be sharing a simple application where youth can express their interest in joining. A representative group will be assembled by the AYN Board of Directors in collaboration with GEA's current youth advisors.

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