AYN members are representing youth at COP25 in Madrid, Spain

The annual Conference of the Parties is bringing together leaders from around the world to present, discuss, and engage in how the UN can take crucial next steps in the climate change process. 

As the conference serves to build ambition ahead of 2020, AYN members are bringing to the table their lived experiences, expertise, and resources to highlight the need for youth involvement in climate action. This is all the more important as we head into the year in which countries have committed to submitting new and updated national climate action plans. 

Among the youth at COP25, two of our AYN members, Stina Bagge and Aðalbjörg Egilsdóttir, were selected as Nordic Youth Ambassadors. 

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Arctic Youth Sweden, a country chapter of the Arctic Youth Network, has furthermore been working with the Nordic Council of Ministers to host a workshop in Stockholm about biodiversity. The panel discussion within the workshop will be broadcasted live to Madrid for COP25 attendees to participate in the discussions.